What is akaVerse?

akaVerse is a virtual space that provides various services in metaverse.

What is ShowRoom?

ShowRoom is a 3D virtual gallery in akaVerse designed for the ShowRoom NFT holder to showcase their NFTs. You can showcase the NFTs you own by curating your gallery in akaVerse, where you can edit the exhibition with a WYSIWYG editor.

What is ShowRoom NFT?

Each ShowRoom is unique in akaVerse. We create FA2 contracts and mint the NFTs for each ShowRoom. If you want to create your ShowRoom in akaVerse, You must hold at least one ShowRoom NFT. You can see the tradable ShowRoom NFTs on the akaSwap.

How do I create my showroom?

In akaVerse, click [sync] to connect to the wallet, click [create] in the menu to enter editing mode. The page will list the ShowRoom corresponding to the ShowRoom NFT you owned and select the ShowRoom you want to create.

If I do not hold the room NFT in the future, will my showroom disappear?

Please note that the editing data of the ShowRoom will follow the owner of the ShowRoom NFT. Once the ShowRoom NFT is transferred to a different wallet and edited in akaVerse, the system will reset a new empty ShowRoom.

Can I change the name of the showroom and the representative image?

Of course, you can! You can enter the name and upload a representative image when you enter the create room page. You can also change it by clicking on [my room] in the bottom left corner of the editing page.

Which NFTs can I show?

We currently support the collections that can be displayed on the akaSwap platform. You can click [sync] to connect to the tezos wallet and the system will fetch a list of NFTs you owned and minted.

What is the maximum number of NFTs that can be placed at present?

The current TD-ShowRoom can be placed with 18 NFTs, including 14 frames on the wall and 4 stands on the floor.

How will the artworks with different media type be displayed in showRoom?

Due to the performance-optimized design, we will use display image for most of the NFT works (image, video, interactive...), and use artifact image for GIF NFT. In the four stands on the floor, you can place 3D models (glb, gltf) for display. If the 3D model file size is too large, we will use display image for display instead.

If I no longer have NFT in my showroom, how will it be displayed?

The traded NFT will disappear from the NFTs list next time you edit the frame in edit mode.

What platforms can I use to browse akaVerse is the most suitable?

You can use your computer and phone browser to visit the akaVerse. If you want to edit the ShowRoom it is still recommended to use the computer as it will be more convenient.

How do I invite people to visit my showroom?

In the editing interface, you can click on [my room] in the bottom left corner, you can find the website link to your showroom, and everyone can connect to your showroom through the URL.